12.09. Estonian Winner - 2021 results:

Tony - CACIB, BOB, EST W-21

Jolly - BOBVet, EST VW-21, BOS, EST-W-21

Pipi - CACIB

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - BOB breeder, breeders BIS-1!

23.08 Last weekend was Baltic biggest show - Baltic Winner 2021 and here are our dogs results:

Sash - R-CACIB

Veda - CACIB, BOB, Balt W-21

Brace Sash&Veda - BOB brace

Tony - CACIB, BOB, Balt W-21

Pipi - CACIB, BOS, Balt W-21 - C.I.B!

Jolly - TPVet, Balt VW-21

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - BOB breeder

Brace Tony&Jolly - BOB brace, braces BIS-1!!!

Also was terrier speciality BalTer Winner-2021 and also there our dogs were succesful:

Tony - BOB, BalTer W-21, BIS-2!

Pipi - BOS, BalTer W-21

Jolly - TPVet, BalTer VW-21, veterans BIS-3

kennel Juger Edelweiss - BOB breeder, breeders BIS-1!!!

06.06. Skyes opens show season, visiting terrier speciality:

J.E. Upside Down - PP, BOBbaby, babies BIS-1!!!

Tony - BOB and BISS-2!

Jolly - BOBVet, BOS

Brace Tony&Jolly - braces BIS-2!

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - breeders BIS-2!

04.06. Nice summer beggining! At the I, II & IX groups speciality Veda was BOS, Sash BOB and their brace BIS-1!

15.05. After long break we participated in II & V group speciality and results were fantastic:

Sash - BOS

Veda - BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2!!!

Brace Sash & Veda - braces BIS-1!!!

30.01. We have 3 skye terrier puppies, males. Litter pedigree is at he puppies page.


27.10. Our dogs show fantastic results at Estonian Winner-2020 show:

Sash - CACIB, BOB, EST W-20, shortlisted in group

Veda - CACIB => INT CH!!!

Laura - BOBVet, BOS, EST W-20 and EST VW-20!!!

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - 1 PP

Tony - CACIB, BOB, EST W-20

Jolly - R-CACIB

Pipi - CACIB,BOS, EST W-20

Ksenija - BOBVet, EST VW-20

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - 1 PP, breeders BIS-1!!!

27.09. Regardless of situation we were at the Baltic Winner 2020 show and results are just amazing:

Sash - CACIB, BOS, Balt W-20

Veda - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Balt W-20

Tony - CACIB, BOB, Balt W-20

Jolly - R-CACIB

Pipi - CACIB, BOS, Balt W-20

kennel Juger Edelweiss - was shortlisted at breeders best

15.08. Tallinna Winner-2020 results:

Sash - CACIB, BOS, Tln W-20

Laura - BOBVet, Tln VW-20

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - PP

Tony - CACIB, BOB, Tln W-20

Jolly - R-CACIB

Ksenija - BOSVet, Tln VW-20

Juger Edelweiss - PP

Brace Tony&Jolly - brace BIS-2!

16.02. Skye team super results from "Tallinn Winter Cup" IDS:

Tony - CACIB, TP, TlnWinterCup W-20 and was shortlisted in group!

Pipi (Juger Edelweiss Tequila Jazz) - TPJ, TlnWinterCup JW-20 and was shortlisted in junior best!

Jolly - CACIB, BOS, TlnWinterCup W-20

Ksenija - BOBvet,TlnWinterCup VW-20

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - breeders BIS-2!!!