09.06. Show continued, now Latvian Winner show:

Asja - EX1, CACIB, BOS, LV W-24

Lera - EX1, JCAC, BF2, LV JW-24

01.06. Fantastic day at Estonian Winner 2024 show:

Asja - EX1, BF1, CACIB, BOB, EE W-24!!!

Lera - EX1, JCAC, BOBjun, BOS, EE JW & EE W24!!!

31.05. On stormy I&II&IX groups shows in Tagadi Lera shows very well: EX1, BOBjun, BF2

14.04. On terrier special show our dog's result were better:

Asja - CAC => EE CH, BOB

Lera - JCAC, BOSjun

13.04 International show Tallinn Winner 2024 modest results:

Asja - R-CACIB

Lera - EX1

22.10. Asja visit international shows in Tallinn confirming herself in adult class and it goes succesfully:

21.10 - EX1, CACIB, BF1, BOB!

22.10 - EX1, CACIB, BF1, BOS!

02.09. Our youngest blacky Lera (JE Artilleriya) get 6 months old and celebrate it on I & II groups special show with BIS puppy 1!!!

24.08. We have new World Junior Winner - Juger Edelweiss Vanilla Ice (Asja)!!!

20.08. Nice warmup before big show in Bialystok (Poland):

Robin (Juger Edelweiss Upside Down) - EX1, CAC
Jolly - EX1, VCAC, BOBvet, VetBIS-2

Kennel Juger Edelweiss - BIS-1!!!

01.07. Our skye's results at Baltic Winner 2023 show:

Wickie - EX1, CQ, BALT JW-23
Asja - EX1, CQ, BOBjun, BOS, BALT JW-23
Jolly - EX1, CQ, BOBvet, BALT VW-23

11.06. Latvian Winner 2023 result for our dogs:

Wickie - EX1, CQ, LV JCAC, LV JW-23
Asja - EX1, CQ, LV JCAC, LV JW-23
Jolly - EX1, CQ, BOS, BOBvet, LV VW-23

04.06. One more show day, now at 53 terrier show:

Asja - EX1, CQ, BOBjun, BISjun-3
Jolly - EX2, CQ

03.06. Estonian Winner 2023 results:

Wickie - EX2, CQ
Asja - EX1, CQ, JCAC, BOBjun, EST JW-23
Jolly - EX1, CQ, BOSvet, EST VW-23
Kennel Juger Edelweiss - PP2

16.04. Terrier special show result are fantastic:

Asja - EX1, CQ, JCAC, BOBjun, BOB, BISjun-2!!!
Jolly - EX1, CQ, BOBvet, BISvet-3!!!

15.04. Tallinn Winner show results:

Asja - EX1, CQ, JCAC, BOBjun, Tln JW-23
Jolly - EX1, CQ, BF1, BOS, BOBvet, Tln VW-23, BISvet-3!

01.03. We have black russian terrier puppies - 3 female and 3 male! More info on puppies page.

04.03. After long brake we were again at Lithuanian Winner show and result were excellent:

Wickie (J.E.Viking Wickie) - EX1, CQ, BOSjun, BOS, LT JCAC, LT JW-23
Asja (J.E.Vanilla Ice) - EX1, CQ, BOBjun, LT JCAC, LT JW-23
Luna (J.E.Touch Me Now) - EX2, CQ
Jolly (J.E.Jolly Jacqueline) - EX1, CQ, BF1, BOB, BOBvet, LT VW-23

22.08. And she did it again - at the International show Asja won BISbaby-1!!!

31.07. One more show weekend with great results:


Wickie (J.E.Viking Wickie) - EAH, BOSbaby
Asja (J.E.Vanilla Ice) - PP, BOBbaby
Pinky (J.E.Pink Floyd) - BM, BOS
Luna (J.E.Touch Me Now) - BF2
Jolly (J.E.Jolly Jacqueline) - BF1, BOB, BOBvet, BIG-2
kennel JUGER EDELWEISS - BISbreeder-1!!!


Asja (J.E.Vanilla Ice) - PP, BOBbaby, BISbaby-1!
Pinky (J.E.Pink Floyd) - BM, BOS
Pipi Lota (J.E.Tequila Jazz) - BF2
Jolly (J.E.Jolly Jacqueline) - BF1, BOB, BOBvet, BIG-2
kennel JUGER EDELWEISS - BISbreeder-1!!!

24.07. This weekend was debut of our yangsters at Elva nationals hows:

Wikkie (J.E.Viking Wickie) - 2xPP, 2xBOSbaby
Asja (J.E.Vanilla Ice) - 2xPP, 2xBOBbaby, BISbaby-1!